Nursery sitting

Nursery sitting

Day 8 Post Partum

Let there be legs. Thank the Lord, my ankles and feet actually look a semblance of how they did pre-pregnancy. Good bye swelling and puffiness.

It’s the little things.

Breastfeeding your newborn — what to expect in the early weeks : KellyMom →

Awesome reference for breastfeeding moms. Why hospitals don’t tell you this stuff, I’ll never understand.

Had the most encouraging experience today - shocker - when I was speaking with someone about my aspirations to have little mister naturally. She didn’t say ‘you’re crazy’ or ‘what is wrong with you’ or ‘aren’t you in the health profession?’

She said, ‘I had 3 naturally and so can you.’ She told me that yes it’s painful and exhausting, but it’s doable. That you just have to let go of your preconceived control and ride the wave. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

All the ‘advise’ I keep getting is from women who didn’t even attempt natural childbirth. That haven’t breastfeed, that have never done yoga or acupuncture for pain management. Women who eat nothin but McDonald’s and drink cokes. Women (and men) who expect others to take responsibility, a pill mentality - give me something to fix my ails. Of course we would have different approaches to giving birth, we have different approaches to life!

To be honest, I know one person, besides the awesome chic I had the pleasure of meeting today, that has gone the natural path. So pretty much all the other women are telling me to do things the way that they did, and I have to say, that is just infuriating.

Why is your way the only way? I would never tell another women, person or expectant mother to do things my way because it’s the only way. If someone asks, I’ll tell them what has worked for me and some other stories/experiences I’ve heard/had. There is more than one way to do pretty much everything. Why is everyone so close minded to change? Progress? Difference? Why is everyone so eager to shoot down everyone else’s ideals? It’s ok if we do things the opposite of one another. We are not the same person, and that’s just fine.

Had my acupuncture pressure beads placed in my ears. Had a mani/pedi. Cleaned the house. Danced under the full moon. Still no baby.

So I’m watching Forensic Files on Netflix. The one commonality between many of the victims is working at Walmart. You’ve been warned.

Doing shit because it has to be done is called being an adult. Not a martyr.

This just in, Native Thai level spiced food does not induce labor.

 39 weeks. I ate 2 dinners last night and now some asshole brought in donuts. I mean, I’ll eat one…or two, because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

39 weeks. I ate 2 dinners last night and now some asshole brought in donuts. I mean, I’ll eat one…or two, because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So I’m really feeling every bit of the 38 weeks this week. I’m more tired, more irritable and just more all around - pun intended. I can’t imagine not having a job or being on bed rest - I would be loosing my mind! At least I have something to occupy the majority of my time!