Most peaceful afternoon. Sitting on my front porch swing, getting little nudges from our growing Jamis and reading a book as the day rolls on.



What is it about some people that they are able to take everything that is said or done and make it into something bad? That’s some backwards kind of talent right there.

So I’ve been working hard to remain healthy and fit throughout this pregnancy, not only because it’s best for our future little human, but it makes mom healthier too, mainly though because my own mom developed pre-eclampsia and was on bed rest for almost 2 months with me…so…exercise and veggies all the way!!

On that note, some a$$hole brought in chocolate covered berries for a snack and is sharing with everyone on the break room table. The downside here is that I have to walk through the break room to get to the restrooms and I’m 6 months pregnant. So, that’s at least 2 trips an hour, placing me in direct temptation at the minimum of 4 times each hour, going in and coming out. I’m here 9 hours total, that’s 36 exposures over the course of the day! The willpower is weak with this one :-( agh!!

An Open Letter from Introverts →

This is so true lol just because you go out and make the rounds at parties and talk with people does NOT make you an extrovert.

My favorite part - ‘what we lack in social aggression we make up for in poignant conversation.’

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Beer bummers :-( fish bladders and GMOs oh my.

I have about had it with negative, condescending people. It could be that I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant, but regardless, mofo’s need to stop spreading the whoa is me shit.

Hubs and I found out we are having a perfectly healthy baby boy. We are THRILLED. Counting our lucky starts to be blessed with such good fortune. A few of the comments? “Oh, I’m sorry, girls are so much more fun,” or “really? I was hoping you’d have a daughter, are you going to try again?” To, “sons are just a mess of trouble, to bad you weren’t blessed with a girl.” Even had one person say, “oh man, sorry to hear that.”

Are you kidding me? I would have loved a son OR a daughter. I have never thought one superior to the other. A baby is a beautiful addition, no matter the sex. I didn’t have one preference over the other, and no, I don’t feel, ‘cheated’ or ‘cursed’ or ‘unfortunate’ or any other manner of verb you can throw at me. I feel tickled pink, pun intended.

Next order up for business, was the best career opportunity of my professional life. I’ve been offered my first full time NP job. Best part is that it’s still with the VA, where I’ve been working for over 10 years. With another NP I trust and respect, working for a doctor I like and get along with. Brilliant, right? Wrong. I have had nothing but grief from one a$$hole or another giving me a hard time for wanting to be a ‘working mom,’ extending my travel time by 20-30 minutes a day, the wear and tear on my car, the risk I’m taking on my license (nursing) working with narcotics and that I am placing too much stock in a pay check.

Um, no. I am not ruled by money, but after spending the amount I have on my education, why shouldn’t I take advantage of the financial perks of said education? On being a ‘working mom’ - look, I have no judgement on women who work, or stay at home, or go back to school, or any number of choices that can be made. Is it what works for your life and your family? Awesome. Women in general need to stop beating each other down for what ever reason. It’s horse shit. Additionally, 30 minutes a day extra in the car is such a low man on the totem pole in comparison to the financial gain, the experience in my field and getting to be trained and work with some of the most talented and compassionate healthcare providers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Wear and tear on my car? It’s a car. Driving is what they were made to do. The risk on my nursing license…I’ve protected it for 10 years so far, thanks for your concern, but I think I’m ok.

With all that said, I’ve really been disappointed in the lack of congratulations and support for 2 very awesome things going on right now. So the next time you feel like pushing your personal agenda off on someone, don’t. The next time you think everyone is the same and everyone has the same desires and aspirations? Know that that is not true. And lastly, I’m over halfway to being a mom now, and you say one more nasty thing about my son, and I will unleash an unnatural amount of hellfire upon you. You’ve been warned.

So glad to be back at yoga tonight after a stress fracture and the pregnancy cold of the century - Not being able to walk is slightly less fun that not being able to breathe.

Turns out after a few months hiatus, I still ‘got what it takes’ ;-) I may be short a few binds because there is certainly something going on in the middle, but the rest was like I was just there yesterday.

Dear zen, I missed you xx

The truth is, we all get to CHOOSE our priorities. So if you are not on the top of someone’s list, it’s because they don’t want you there.

Men are from Mars

Typical failed communication attempt -

Me: hey babe, I think I’m going to call around and see how much it’ll cost to have someone come clean the house a couple times a month. I’m starting to get really winded when I have to bend over a bunch to do the base boards and bathtubs.

Him: is this because I worked on my motorcycle today?

Me: (out loud) what? (In my head) on what planet does saying that this pregnancy has me blossoming like Jabba the Hutt and I get winded doing menial chores have anything to do with a) you or b) your motorcycle?? Scratches head and walks away.